Everway Fortune Cards

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As far as I know the images used so far are fine to use as long as no charge/commercial aspect is introduced, they have all come from sites without any stated copyrights and checks have been made for other sources with copyrights.  If any images are covered under a copyright please contact me and I will remove them.  

Please also note that I've managed to keep the right deities for the right cards, and not used any others, so this is a Library of All Worlds Fortune Deck.

Everyone is welcome to use these and download as they see fit.  In return I ask only this, if you find an image without copyright which would look better on a card, send me a link.  Then I can use it on the cards here.  If you have any changes you wish to make to the symbols on a card (please provide a good reason) then that's also a help.  Thanks in advance.

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