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Latest Updates: 09/04/2005    Whoops, realised that I'd put the Small Humanoids and Spirits in

                            the wrong place, they should be working now!

                            07/04/2005    Oh dear, think my alterations are getting further apart.  Finished

                            Spirits and Small Humanoids in the Bestiary.  Guild magic might not get done

                            now.  The site will be moving shortly, and may be down for a short while.  The

                            new address will be on Everway-L as soon as I can get it.  I should then have

                            125MB of space, so will have the fortune deck to download in Publisher format,

                            single file.

Heroes - 10 Example Heroes

Magic - Example schools of magic

Creatures - A bestiary of eventually over 100 creatures

Fortune Deck - An attempt to remake the fortune deck

The Sphere Tree - An Everway Creation Myth

The Perfect Man - A Walker Creation Myth

Titanian - A metal found in the F realm of Midsummer, with unusual properties

Heresy Of The Court - A look at the links to The Court

The Realm of Chess - A realm in which the gods use Heroes in contests

Multi-Sphere Organisations - A look at some groups that operate over many realms and spheres

The Three Realms - An Oriental Sphere Spanning Empire in the Thousand Spheres

Final Fantasyway - It's Everway with Chocobos!

Steamway - Everway in a pseudo-Victorian era, with Steam!

Mr Flitter & Mr Thumblebottom - An Everway Fairy Tale


If you have any suggestions, criticisms, comments or help you wish to contribute to these please contact me at

Everway is a game created by Jonathan Tweet for Wizards of the Coast,

and is now the property of Gaslight Press

The best place if you have questions is Everway-L

I'd also advise you to visit Rob Barrett's excellent Everweb.

This was the first Everway website I ever came across, and has links to many other great Everway sites.


Efforts have been made to contact the owners of all artwork on this site to request their permission to use them.  However identifying and finding contact details for all has proved tricky.  If you own artwork I have put up and have not been contacted please accept my apologies, I have either been unable to find contact details or believe the artwork to be in the public domain.  If you wish me to remove said artwork or acknowledge you just e-mail me and I will do so as soon as possible.